Father God, give Chris the strength & the faith the deal with the path that has been laid out in front of him. We don’t know the full details of what happened or who’s fault it was. Allow him to know that you will never leave him nor forsake him. Only you truly know what is going on in his mind right now but whatever it is Lord please remind him that you have the last say in everything in his life & that no matter what the outcome may be, it happens for a reason. Help him to remember he can never please man & that you are the only approval he shall set out to get. And Father God, please have mercy on those who wish bad on him. None of us have the power to judge anyone for we are all born sinners & we will never be completely perfect on this side. I come to you in prayer because I know prayer changes things & that you are bigger than any problem that may arise. You know what’s best & he should trust in you. I pray this all in your son’s Jesus & in the Holy Spirit. AMEN
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Posted on Aug 9th, 2013  
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    Someone scoop up these childrun cuz they out theu gott damn minds with all that Chris Brown love. How bout we pray for...
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    I heard that though. Chris Brown ain’t shit pray for me instead : Also there are niggas dying in these streets but nah...
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    Lmfao. I read the first two sentences but “pray for chris brown” how about pray for rihanna.. pray for domestic violence...
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